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Our story

Kedainiu konservu fabrikas (a.k.a. The company) was established back in 1944, in the middle of rural Kedainiai village. This is when The company came to life. Fresh springs of underground water ran in the region, enabling it to flourish with nutritious vegetables and luscious berries. It was just a perfect place to start producing all natural canned food products and this is where The company came to life. And by holding to all the best the region could provide The company was curious to learn and grow:

With curiosity came continuous improvement (and The company became leader in local Lithuanian market in canned products, mayonnaise, sauces segments)

With naturalness came transparency (the majority of company products are preservatives free, food dyes free, flavour enhancers free. The company does not use genetically modified raw materials)

With courage came directiveness (The company currently exports to 27 countries)

And this became the why of the company. But as all the great things which happen in the world, The company needed a leader: to spread the message, to empower, to embody the soul of The company. And this is when The Brand came to life: Kitchen heroes. They came to save the everyday kitchen of those who like to enjoy delicious meals without any worries. They came to save the day.

Every day.


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